so very disappointed

i am so disappointed by the american mainstream media. they have systematically sidelined ron paul since the beginning. no other candidate has been so ignored. EVEN WHEN POLLS SHOW THAT HE WON some GOP debates last year, the media still shrugged it off. and look what happened! ron paul has been polling at 5 or 6% in the recent primaries! this is just SO unfair! this man SHOULD be the next american president. he embodies everything the next “leader of the free world” should be. GRRR.

anyway i leave you with a very honest and insightful video by the good doctor himself.


helen keller

[taken without permission from the SMH:]

i just read that a photograph of the girl helen keller has been unearthed. so i think it only fitting that i put it up here with a beautiful quote by her to inspire and encourage us to reflect upon ‘things yet unseen’ this weekend.

“It gives me a deep comforting sense that “things seen are temporal and things unseen are eternal.”

i know that in life there will always be people that no matter how hard you try (or they try), there will just never be that moment when you will just “click”. so what can you do? sometimes there is just NO chemistry. so i reckon instead of trying to force an unwilling mule to walk, it is better to just leave the dumb donkey on the side of the road and get picked up by a Friend driving past in his/her four-horse chariot. if you get what i mean.

west wing parody

omigosh. this is hilarious! watch only if you are a rabid west wing fan (i.e. my parents) otherwise you won’t get any of it.

it’s been too long

it certainly has.

so we’ve gotten married. and it was wonderful. some days i replay the whole experience in my head over and over again and being the pedantic bridezilla i am, i think about things i would change. but then i remind myself that it was really so perfect that i wouldn’t change anything and it was the imperfections that made it so perfectly ours.

sure the hotel stuffed up too many times to count and stuffed up in so many almost unforgiveable ways, but then, what else would make it a quintessentially unforgettable malaysian wedding save for the obvious stuff ups?

[photo credit: Matthias Chng]

so, i decided to post because mello encouraged me to start again. and so today i will start by posting the soundtrack of my life. if ever comes the time when someone realises they owe it to the world to make a movie of my life, i do hope they will take note that the following songs should be included.

“Have you ever seen rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival performed by rod stewart

“Everything” by Michael Buble

“Are we different” by Priscilla Ahn

“The Lady of Shalott” by Loreena McKennit

“silent all these years” tori amos

“jackie’s strength” tori amos

“you were meant for me” jewel

and my new favourite…….

“This year’s love” David Grey

obviously there are tonnes of other songs i would like to include in this list, i’ll probably include more another time. but these are my main songs… at the moment.

it’s been a while

ok so it’s been a while. the events of the past few weeks have coerced me into a short blogging hiatus. but i’m back now. if only to share my new favourite hymn and my new favourite quote. beautiful quote by pastor chris chia of adam road presbyterian centre:

“whilst death reminds us of the brevity of life, THE RESURRECTION reminds us of the brevity of death”

beautiful.and last week i learnt a new hymn that i would like sung at my funeral (whenever that may be) – i can’t remember what my previous song choices were, but now i like this one. it’s beautiful. i want to get the song track. hoping i can download it on itunes… beautiful hymn. beautiful words. majestic tune. 

  Christ Is Risen (In the Tomb So Cold)
by Graham Kendrick
In the tomb so cold they laid Him
Death its victim claimed
Powers of hell, they could not hold Him
Back to life He came!

Christ is risen! (Christ is risen!)
Death has been conquered. (Death has been conquered.)
Christ is risen! (Christ is risen!)
He shall reign for ever

Hell had spent its fury on Him
Left Him crucified
Yet, by blood, He boldly conquered
Sin and death defied

Now the fear of death is broken
Love has won the crown
Prisoners of the darkness listen
Walls are tumbling down

Raised from death to heaven ascending
Love’s exalted King
Let His song of joy, unending
Through the nations ring!

a funny thing

so today i awoke to a loud thud thud thud sound just outside the house. i was like, “WHAT THE?” thinking it was the postman banging on our door trying to deliver something, i rushed downstairs, and true enough, it WAS the postman! BUT instead of trying to deliver something, he was hitting our roof with our broomstick!!

the moment he saw me he said in vietnamese accented, “parcel on top!”

i looked at him quizzically as he pointed to the roof with the broom.


“look! parcel on top!”

so i looked up and lo and behold, my parcel was sitting on the top of the roof.

“how did it get there!?!?!?!?!?” i said in exasperation and annoyance and mild amusement.

then he began to tell me how our front gate was locked and he couldn’t get in. so he stood outside our compound gate and HURLED the parcel in, hoping it would miraculously land on our front porch. instead it landed on the roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so he was trying to whack the roof hoping it would make the parcel fall down.

the best part was, that not only was he NOT apologetic, he was quite content to just leave, leaving me with the task of getting the damn parcel down myself.

of course i wasn’t about to stand for any of that. so i said quite firmly, “you stay here. i’m going to get a chair and you get the parcel down.”

so i grabbed a chair and HE made me stand on it to try to get the parcel down. to which i said, “no. you stand. you’re taller. so i made him stand on top and sweep the roof in hopes of reaching the parcel. the parcel did in the end come down and then he just rushed off saying, “next time. you leave gate open for me.”

what a funny funny man. what a funny funny incident.

sydney love

these are more photos taken by grace tham and dale tan. man. they are so darn talented and so amazingly generous and lovely. in addition to the time they took editing the photos, they gave us a beautiful photo frame of three 5×7 photos, a box full of photos (of various sizes) AND gave us a little power point presentation. LOVELY! so thankful.

really don’t know how to thank them except… if you love the photos and want to hire them let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here are a few of my favourite photos. there are heaps more but yeah, these are my favourite few. i’ll add more tomorrow. the frames around them were added by me (created by rhonna farrer for 2peas).





pre-marriage prep course

i just got back from our first pre-marriage counselling session. it was the introductory session so there were three other couples there with us. it was really fun but nat found it a little strange because all the other couples were either still in uni or just out of uni whereas he’d been working for some time.

anyway, it was very good being able to talk to other girls in the same position and talk about what we are looking forward to and our fears.

then at the end of the night we had a little how well do you know your partner quiz! i think nat and i did very well and i think poor nat had it hard because i didn’t write down what i “should” have put down. i don’t know why! like:
1) what is your fiancee’s favourite place to eat
– nat put down jollys
– i put down clems chicken when i SHOULD have put down jollys. i don’t know why i did that, but i was thinking that i ate at clems more than jollys and clems is kind of my comfort food… though i *love* jollys too.

2) what is your fiancee’s favourite perfume
– nat put down bvlgari
– i put down gucci envy when i do also like bvlgari “BLV”.

but one thing nat SHOULD have known:

what is your fiancee’s hated food
– nat put down veggies…


and i *should* have known that he went to st. agnes primary school!!! (i said all saints – er close??)

and another one i can’t believe i forgot was: what did nat wear for our first date?? i said, “err a black jacket??” and it was a WHITE JUMPER!!!!! ahhh. can’t believe i forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh well!! i’m looking forward to the coming private sessions. i don’t think nat and i have had much time to talk about our relationship. he’s just too busy with all his commitments and too tired after work to think. so time set aside to just talk about stuff will be really good.

OH YES, and before i forget, you know how in my previous post i mentioned that i wanted take some time out and read? well, that happened, but not in the way i expected! soon after i wrote that post, my internet went down. long story. and it was down for nearly four days!! so annoying! so during that time i was seriously going cold turkey and i was doing a lot of reading – not by choice. so yeah, somehow God decided that leanne seriously had to do some time out and knew that she wasn’t able to do it on her own! weird huh!

short hiatus

i’m going to be taking a pitt stop. a stock take. a short hiatus. whatever you call it.

during this time i’m hoping to finish at least one book within the next two weeks and then start another one after that. i’m going to read something soul enriching and not get caught up in frivolity for a while.

i’m hoping that i will not be online much to update this blog. or if i do, it’ll be to share something i’ve read.

ok so i hope to be back soon. if you don’t hear from me within the next week, that’s a good sign. a very good sign.

take care.