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brendan nelson’s national press club address

if you are like me, you will normally find contemporary speeches made by australian ministers (prime ministers included) extraordinarily dull. but recently i have found that for some reason the recent speeches made by the prime minister and opposition minister have been surprisingly inspiring, motivational and even of a (dare i say it?) lump-in-the throat quality.

for example, prime minister rudd’s “sorry” speech was a spectacularly crafted masterpiece i think. which pleased not only the left but the conversative evangelical right (with it’s biblical references). it was marvelous and if anyone knows who the speechwriter is, please let me know.

brendan nelson’s “sorry” speech, although not as brilliant was good. and i say this despite of the many who literally and disrespectfully turned their backs whilst he was speaking.

and again today, i was just so surprised by the excellent quality of brendan nelson’s speech. if i had to rate it by the number of times i got a lump in my throat and wanted to burst out singing “advance australia fair” (and i’m not even aussie), i would give it 7.5. which is pretty darn good given that australian speeches hardly even rate past six in my book. it was just brilliant. the wordsmith who carefully and meticulously crafted each and every word, each and every punctuation, each and every provocative phrase, each and every personal story, each and every reference to a real working class family is pure genius. i can’t believe i am sitting here praising a leader of the opposition’s speech to the national press club. it’s just bizarre. it was just amazing. i think if i were an australian citizen, i would burst out sobbing. just from the sheer beauty of his oration. and guess what, he memorised the whole damn thing (no teleprompter, no notes). i’m sitting here watching him take questions and i’m equally gobsmacked. he’s answering questions so articulately, not drawling and avoiding questions like his predecessor. oh, and dr nelson practically shouted out that marriage is only between a man and a woman and that he does NOT surport gay marriage. gotta love his courage.

i hope that one day when i go back to singapore, i will be able to craft something as beautiful as that – all the time. one day when i become some great political speechwriter, i want every address to a heartland community centre, every introduction and reading of a bill, every national day address to be of such lump in the throat quality. well. i can dream right?