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so very disappointed

i am so disappointed by the american mainstream media. they have systematically sidelined ron paul since the beginning. no other candidate has been so ignored. EVEN WHEN POLLS SHOW THAT HE WON some GOP debates last year, the media still shrugged it off. and look what happened! ron paul has been polling at 5 or 6% in the recent primaries! this is just SO unfair! this man SHOULD be the next american president. he embodies everything the next “leader of the free world” should be. GRRR.

anyway i leave you with a very honest and insightful video by the good doctor himself.


new blockbuster

oooh new blockbuster coming out in 2008!!

go ron paul!


i am so in love right now.

found this quote in one of the comments left below one ron paul youtube video:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Iowa GOP Debate Poll

ok i am slow (so don’t rely on me for breaking news) BUT according to two polls conducted after the iowa GOP debate, ron paul emerged as the clear winner. i. am. so. excited.

check this out:
ABC News Poll


Drudge Poll

but, y’know, one has to wonder, it may just be all the ron paul internet supporters that are everywhere

but whatever. go ron go.

ron paul on abortion

dr paul makes so much sense here. he speaks from the heart about abortion. compare this with barack obama’s pro-choice campaign – that he wants to be the president of all people etc – no way man. dr paul rocks. he stands up for his beliefs. just like wilberforce, two hundred years ago, when slavery was so in vogue and those who spoke up against slavery were seen as troublemakers, ron paul stands up for what is RIGHT. life begins at conception and that’s that. obama’s values are just too pluralistic. has he delivered 4000+ babies and seen foetus parts? if he did, i doubt he’d be advocating roe v wade.

more on ron paul

if you ever wanted to meet a straight-talking, honest, practice what he preaches politician, you should get to know texas congressman ron paul. seriously. the other day my dad mentioned to me, “i was listening to the BBC the other day and i heard an interview with this republican candidate, he was impressive”. immediately i replied, “is his name ron paul?” and it was. more and more people are getting very impressed with him. first it was welleng in chicago and now my dad. he’s kind of like the real life version of the west wing’s arnold vinick only much gentler and softer. and i really like vinick.

ok so i do have a few concerns about his non-interventionist foreign policy – america as the world’s current superpower should a role in peacekeeping and helping out other countries. america should send forces to war devastated places like darfur and other parts of africa where civil war is strife and sectarian killings are commonplace. america just can’t be so insular-minded and mind their own business. it has a duty and an obligation as the capable world citizen to help out other nations where people are dying by the minute from racial / tribal genocide.

second thing. as america is so addicted to china for cheap goods (think walmart), there is no way that cutting / abolishing taxes will help the american economy. the money will just flow out into china boosting china’s economy thereby making it the world’s next superpower. and trust you me, i don’t think it stands on the grande morale principles of america. they seem to practice trumpism over there. “money, money, money”. i wouldn’t trust china, who will probably the world’s next superpower in fifty years, to go save dying / starving children in orphanages in iraq or hand out aid in darfur. so america, if it wants to keep growing its economy really should put money into its own economy which will probably not happen even if taxes are cut because, as i mentioned above, it has grown addicted to chinese goods. it’s not going to go from pay $1.99 for a made-in-china product at walmart to $5.99 for a homegrown all american product at the local corner grocer. it just won’t.

cheap china goods is the new opium and now it is the west that is addicted.

yep so these are my two main issues with ron paul’s foreign and fiscal policies. and they are pretty major. besides that, i like everything else about him. so if ron paul supporters could please point me to writings addressing my issues, that would be great. i know you guys are everywhere on the internet!!

i’m leaving everyone with a video i found on youtube (i seem to spend a lot of time on it these days) that i think best summarises what the congressman stands for.

have a good one!

good clean american fun.

hahaha. check this out. it’s the follow up to the huge youtube video ‘i got a crush on obama’. it’s the best! hahaha. i can’t decide which video i like best. so all of you should just watch both and decide for yourselves.

‘obama girl v giuliani girl – debate ’08’

‘i got a crush on obama’

EDIT: just found this. this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. watch it watch it! ‘little obama girl’

EDIT AGAIN: just found another one. this is not obama girl but this was really really well done as well. absolutely loved the dialogue. keep watching, there’s a little twist at the end!
‘hillary v obama’

i think i’m in love (again)

ok. so i know i used to really *love* barack obama and i still kinda do. but i’ve found a new love thanks to welleng, who’s in chicago following the presidential debate. she just sent me an email to check out this guy: RON PAUL. seriously. check him out. he’s the ONLY Republican candidate opposed to the war and wants the troops out of iraq.

i’ve been checking news clips and videos out on youtube the whole morning and i’ve been very impressed with his policy. he kind of reminds me of a real life arnold vinick (the republican contender for president in my favourite TV show the west wing) except this guy’s much gentler when he speaks and not so rough. real sincere guy. who says the 9-11 and the reason why everyone hates america is because of america’s foreign policy itself.

he says that there’s much goodness in america but you can’t promote goodness through a gun barrel (or something like that) and if you want to influence the world, you got to do it by fixing yourself first and implementing policies that people want to emulate. not coerce and force people into following you. i truly believe that. it’s such a christian perspective. to be witnesses to the world through setting examples and walking in the light. no point forcing people to believe something at gun point because they’re just going to hate you even more. it would be entirely hypocritical if you want people to be peaceful and kind and then to force them to be peaceful and kind you blow up their whole country. start by having good domestic policies and fix yourself first.

great foreign policy. people, especially americans, check him out.