it’s interesting how most singapore national day songs assume that singaporeans will venture overseas for a period of their lives. see also “my island home”. 

this video makes me nostalgic. i remember watching it ten years ago and surprisingly loving it. the feelings haven’t changed. 

i’ll actually be in singapore for national day this year. first time in 8 or 9 years. can’t wait. i actually secretly like national day, even though i haven’t readily admitted it for many years. it’s so exciting and i love how when you go, you get a whole showbag full of goodies to rattle, click, blow, burst and wave. i remember going to a national day parade when i was about three or four and coming in contact for the first time with a glow stick. it was so amazing. i remember running home to nainai’s house and showing her the glowstick and the excitement of looking at its neon yellow light glow in the dark.

anyway speaking of glow sticks, i can’t believe that nat and his family had never seen a glowstick until new year’s even 2004 (going to 2005). i remember the excitement nat and his niece shared when upon taking home the goodie bag from a new year’s eve dinner, they apprehensively cracked a glow stick (at my urging – don’t worry, you won’t break it!) to see it glow. nat’s niece loved it. she just kept looking at it, mesmerized by its luminescent quality. 


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