monday thoughts and our new noddy house

this song, “bubbly” by colbie caillat is my new favourite song. it definitely goes into the soundtrack of my life. it just makes me want to start running around and dancing. love the music video too.  

anyway nat and i found a house. it’s a tiny tiny little noddy house. really. not unlike the kind of house noddy lives in. tiny. we decided on it because:

1) it is near my parents in law – just a few houses away – major plus point since we will be going there for dinner every night

2) it is near the bus stop

3) it is near the library – which is important. why it is will be explained soon.

4) it is near the shops

5) it has been renovated – so it is new inside and that was nat’s top priority (he has since changed his mind and now wants space)

6) the local police station is two streets away from us – i plan to keep them on speed dial

7) another suburb’s police station is just three minutes away – so basically i’m surrounded by police stations – which is a good thing and a bad thing – because it makes you ask the question, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY POLICE STATIONS IN THIS AREA!?!?!?!? please, don’t answer that question.

problems with it:

1) it is tiny – slightly larger than a studio. TINY TINY TINY

2) it has no phone line

3) it has no TV antenna connection

4) it is tiny – oh, i said that before

5) it is near the main road – good and bad

so because it has NO phone line connection, we have been thinking about how to get internet and everything. then just this morning, i walked over to the library, which i said was just opposite it (i think i could run from my house to the library in less than 30 seconds) and realised THEY HAD FREE INTERNET! all you had to do was to SIGN UP and you get FREE INTERNET in a computer lab. HOW COOL IS THAT! and the library is really quite cool. reminds me of the PLC library. very nice and newly renovated and lots of friendly librarians around.

so i quickly signed up and ran home to call nat and tell him that because our little noddy house was so near the library, we could save on LAND LINE PHONE and INTERNET simply by using the internet next door. that’s a MASSIVE SAVINGS OF 100 a month! woo hoo! plus we don’t have to pay to install a telephone line! 😀

anyway today i also realised that not having a TV connection is ok too because we can always get a TV antenna and we can always use my parents in law’s internet and TV when we go over for dinner. so everything works out. there. i’m being positive about everything!

plus i was thinking not having the internet at home will allow me more time to READ the books i get to borrow for FREE from the library WHICH IS NEXT DOOR and SCRAPBOOK instead of go on facebook all the time. i might even write the great singaporean novel there and one day decades from now, this little noddy house may become a great tourist attraction because it was there that the great singaporean novel was written. haha


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  1. * Shxeep says:

    I’ll come for my breakfast pancakes now!

    I apologize for being awol all the time. Let me know if there’s anyway I can help out.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 10 months ago
  2. * mummy says:

    can u post some photos of your noddy house? so make mini-pancakes . so i can’t skype you? have you settled in yet?

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 10 months ago
  3. * linn says:

    hey babe. gd luck w the house. and the novel. lolx. miss u 🙂

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 8 months ago

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